TRISWIM Trislide Anti-Chafe Spray

$35.00 AUD

TRISLIDE Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant is a must for swimmers in tech suits, as well as triathletes, ocean swimmers and surfers in wetsuits! TRISLIDE can be used to ease entries into tech suits and wetsuits and create super fast transitions. TRISLIDE is also an anti-chafe and anti-blister product.

    • Prevents blistering
    • combats chamois chafing
    • eases entries into wetsuits, techsuits & ski boots
    • removed from skin and surfaces with soap/water
    • safe on most fabric
    • sweatproof / waterproof
    • easy to use, safe to share
    • fragrance free
    • 136ml/4oz

IDEAL FOR TECH SUITS ★ "I purchased this for my daughter who is a swimmer. She typically has a really difficult time changing into her tech suit after warm up but this has helped significantly. Just make sure to dry off as well as possible before spraying. I did find this easier to use than the sticks." - JT

EASY TRANSITIONS   "Easy spray application to just the areas where the suit is coming on and off first, i.e. ankles, calves, and wrists. I also sprayed a little on areas that chaff from the friction between my trisuit and wetsuit, brilliant move! Wetsuit flew off in transition, and didn't see any irritation on my skin from the rubbing." - Lauren

PERFECT PRODUCT★ "I use this product for swimming, cycling and running and it works very well. I always had issues with chafing, but that's now something from the past." - Karl H. 

AWESOME STUFF  "I love this product! It works so well and I recommend it any chance I get. I love that it can easily be shared, too, if someone else is in need." - Sara.