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"My daughter swims competitively and is in the pool around 15 hours a week.
After a few years of non-stop swimming her hair was looking dull, broken and very knotty and her skin was so dry. I am pleased to say I purchased your full range of products for her to try, and the result is simply unbelievable!
She noticed the difference straight away with her hair – it became soft, easy to brush and manageable again.  After using the products for a few weeks now, her hair and skin have come back to life. Her hair is now shiny, free of knots and restored to its beautiful blonde colour. She also loves her soft skin, and that she smells amazing instead of smelling like chlorine all the time.
As a mother of a sporty girl, I am so grateful for products that work and that she wants to use, so thank you so much!"

- Alison J. 23rd February, 2023


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    "TRISWIM bodywash smells amazing.. 👏😍. My daughter uses it straight after training and competitions.
    I highly recommend this product to anyone who swims in chlorine."

    - Tracy M, 3rd March 2023


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    "Firstly, smelt AMAZING, and is the only shampoo that actually left my hair smelling nice too. But it also left my hair feeling the best it had in ages - as a triathlete and a swim teacher my hair gets absolutely battered by chlorine and this shampoo PAMPERED my locks 😍"

    - Eliza R, 11th February 2023


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    "Best products ever to get rid of chlorine smells from the body and hair. Hair is really soft after using this shampoo. Ordered Monday, received the order Thursday. Great service, great product."

    - Toni C, 3rd February 2023

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