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"Purchased TRISWIM wash and moisturiser and would recommend these to any swimmer. Especially good if like me, you get adverse reactions to chlorine and love swimming. The service from TRISWIM is second to none. Sent unbelievably quickly and with generious samples to try hair products. Definitely give these products and sellers a go."

- Helen G. 8th September, 2022


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    "The TRISWIM shampoo is a fantastic product especially when used with the conditioner. I was extremely pleased with the results after using the product, my hair felt fresh and soft! It helped remove the chlorine from my hair and reduce any dandruff. I also love the lime and tropical mango extract in the product, it smells amazing and makes my hair smell amazing! It is tailored for athletes and I absolutely recommend it."

    - Jasmine G, 13th November 2022


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "This shampoo left me utterly shocked. In the absolute best way!!! I am a competitive swimmer and am in the pool twice a day weekly, so swimming has dried out my hair quite a bit. This dryness has unfortunately resulted in dandruff and dry scalp. As much as I tried and as many shampoos I sampled, nothing could ever get rid of it. Until TRISWIM! My dandruff was a previous insecurity that I no longer must worry about, giving me more confidence as a person and a swimmer. Thanks so much to TRISWIM!!!"

    - Jeanette T, 17th October 2022


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Smelt incredible in my hair, I used it after scuba diving and my hair felt less dry/salty INSTANTLY. Will definitely buy more for the summer as I’m working in salt and chlorine water constantly.

    - Jessica N, 5th October 2022

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