It might not be something that crosses your mind as you dive into the crystal clear waters of your local swimming spot, but have you ever wondered what all that chlorine is doing to your hair?

To cut it short, it can be pretty damaging (read more here).

But fear not, because we have a few hot tips
 for caring for your hair if you regularly swim in chlorinated or salt water.

Before swimming:

1. Pre-soak your hair

Drenching your hair in fresh water allows your hair to absorbs some of that water before a swim, so there’s less room for chlorine or salt to absorb into your strands. 

2. Mositurise and condition

Bonus points if you add a pea sized amount of TRISWIM Conditioner for extra protection before putting on your swimming cap.

3. Swimming Caps 

Speaking of, swimming caps are a great way to protect hair from getting tangled and damaged while you swim. Wear a tight-fitting swim cap to prevent any water from touching your hair and giving it an added layer of protection from the harmful effects of chlorine (our favourites are the FINIS Seamless Caps). Wet your hair with fresh water to make it easier to put the swim cap on. This will also provide added protection if water seeps through your cap.

After swimming:

4. Rinse with TRISWIM Chlorine Removing Shampoo.
Specially formulated for removing chlorine from your hair. These remove the physical effects of chlorine and odor. If you have blonde hair, this is especially important, as the greening effect of chlorine is more noticeable on lighter-colored hair.

5. Follow with a nourishing conditioner such as TRISWIM's Conditioner.

December 19, 2023 — Charlotte Nield