TRISWIM Blog Article - How to prevent wetsuit rash

As the colder months creep towards us, it is safe to say we are well and truly in wetsuit season! Which means it’s also the season for wetsuit rash…

Wetsuit Rash happens when your skin becomes irritated as a result of the salt water or sweat and friction between your wetsuit and your skin.


The humble beginnings of TRISLIDE came about because of this very issue. Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon to see triathletes using canola oil spray or a petroleum-based cream (cough Vaseline) to slip into their tight wetsuits and prevent chafing. However, when these products caused the neoprene in their suits to disintegrate and still gave them chafing, they needed a better solution!

Luckily, TRISLIDE entered the scene in 2008! A water and sweat-proof, silicone-based continuous-spray skin lubricant that acts like a second skin to keep you comfortable, competitive, and your wetsuit intact!

How to Prevent Wetsuit Rash

  • Apply TRISLIDE on your armpits, neck, wrists, and inner thighs to stop wetsuit rash before it starts.
  • Use TRISLIDE to slip into your wetsuit or techsuit with a simple spray on the legs, hip, & buttocks. Your super tight suit will slide on with ease and help prevent tears.

TRISLIDE is specially formulated to be safe with most fabrics, including lycra and neoprene and won’t stain clothing. Our long-lasting formula is waterproof, sweatproof and specially formulated to last all day!

Read more on how TRISLIDE can help with your specific sport here.

TRISLIDE: Keeping you comfortable, keeping you competitive


May 24, 2024 — Charlotte Nield