When you’re on the move, certain body parts naturally rub against each other or your clothing,
causing small tears and damage on the skin’s upper dermal layers. This irritation is called chafing and can present as painful, red, raised skin that can blister, peel and even bleed in severe cases. With each movement, friction builds, especially in hot or humid climates and during exercise. This is due to tiny salt particles found in sweat, which add even more friction to the skin’s surface.

Areas like your inner thighs, nipples, underarms, bra line, buttocks, and feet are all prone to this level of friction, but thankfully, you have just found TRISLIDE; our silicone-based, continuous-spray skin lubricant that acts like a second skin to keep you comfortable and competitive.

Specially formulated to be safe with most fabrics, including lycra and neoprene, TRISLIDE won’t stain or disintegrate clothing. Our long-lasting formula is waterproof, sweat-proof, and specially formulated to last all day. Read below to find out how we can help with your sport.


As a multi-purpose lubricant, TRISLIDE helps triathletes to swim, bike, and run more comfortably. In the swim portion of a triathlon, TRISLIDE guards against wetsuit neck chafing and makes it easier and faster to get wetsuits on and off during the transition. During the bike and run portion, TRISLIDE works to prevent blisters and chafing caused by the friction of sweaty / damp clothing on skin.



If the thought of salt water, wetsuits, and repetitive movements is already making your skin burn, give TRISLIDE a go. Wetsuit rash, also known as surf rash, commonly occurs on the neck, stomach, and inner thighs of surfers due to the friction between skin, wetsuit and the board. Use TRISLIDE on these areas to mitigate wetsuit rash and spend more time scoring the perfect wave.

Person surfing



As competitive swimmers all know, getting in and out of your tech suit can feel like half the workout. With a simple spray of TRISLIDE on the legs, hip, and buttocks, your super tight suit will slide on with ease and help prevent tears. 

For those ocean swimming in a wetsuit, the repetitive strokes can cause friction on the inner thighs, shoulders, and armpits. Apply TRISLIDE on these areas so you can focus on your swim, without the worry of wetsuit rash.

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Divers not only spend a hefty amount of time in wetsuits while in the water, but also on the boat getting to and from different dive spots. With the sun beating down and sweat building up, this is a recipe for wetsuit rash. TRISLIDE’s easy spray application makes it the perfect anti-chafe product so you can stay comfortable and in your suit between dives.

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Running Shoes

If you’re a runner and have never had a blister (even in new shoes), you must share your secrets! For the rest of us mere mortals, there’s TRISLIDE!

Like chafing, foot blisters develop when there is both friction and moisture in your shoes, traumatising the skin. Foot blisters can pop up anywhere, but commonly occur on the heels, in the arch of your foot, and on or between your toes. They can be incredibly painful, and inhibit your ability to train; which is why it’s best to prevent them before they occur.

Preventative measures include finding proper fitting shoes, using bamboo or moisture-wicking socks, and using a sweat-proof skin lubricant like TRISLIDEWith a single spray directly onto problem-prone areas, TRISLIDE acts as a second skin, keeping you pain free and on your feet longer.

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Sports Uniforms and Activewear

Don’t let chafing get in the way of winning the game or smashing a new PB! Even with properly fitting uniforms and activewear, chafing can get the better of us.

Nipple, underarm, under bra, or inner thigh chafing occurs when there’s too much friction and excessive moisture/salt build up from sweat, combined with a rigid uniform or damp clothing.

Using TRISLIDE where you need it most, greatly reduces friction and chafing in tender areas, helping to protect your outer layer of skin from becoming raw, red, raised and painful. 

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Everyday Use

Skin-on-skin or skin-on-fabric chafing is a pain we could all do without. Not just reserved for athletes, chafing can occur from a heavy bag strap, an ill-fitting bra, or your favourite pair of shoes. It is especially problematic for those in hot/humid climates, those carrying extra weight, or those in an active work environment. Using TRISLIDE can help to prevent chafing in a number of hotspots, including but not limited to:

  • Shoe blistering

  • Inner thigh chafing

  • Buttock chafing

  • Groin chafing

  • Nipple grazing

  • Underarm chafing

  • Bra strap chafing

Ready to put an end to blisters and chafing? Shop TRISLIDE here.

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May 29, 2024 — Charlotte Nield