Okay, so we know that it happens, but why?

Green hair after swimming in a pool is often attributed to the presence of copper compounds in the water.

Copper is often introduced through algaecides, copper-based pool treatments, or even the pipes and equipment. When your hair comes into contact with this copper-laden water, it can result in a chemical reaction that causes the hair to take on a greenish tint.

Here's the science: the copper in the pool water can oxidize when exposed to air and sunlight, forming copper compounds. These compounds can then bind to the proteins in your hair, leading to the green discoloration. Additionally, blonde or light-colored hair is more susceptible to this phenomenon due to its porous nature (however, brown hair can take on greenish tints too).

 Before and after using TRISWIM shampoo

To prevent green hair, you can take the below steps:

1. Pre-soak your hair with fresh water before entering the pool, so there’s less room for chlorine or salt to absorb into your strands. 

2. Pre-condition with a pea sized amount of TRISWIM Conditioner for extra protection before putting on your swimming cap.

3. Wear a tight-fitting swim cap to prevent any water from touching your hair, giving it an added layer of protection from the harmful effects of chlorine (our favourites are the FINIS Seamless Caps). 

4. Rinse with TRISWIM Chlorine Removing Shampoo, specially formulated for removing chlorine from your hair.

If you have blonde hair, this is especially important, as the greening effect of chlorine is more noticeable on lighter-colored hair.

5. Follow with a nourishing conditioner such as TRISWIM's Conditioner.

February 29, 2024 — Charlotte Nield