TRISWIM Skin Slick Anti-Chafe Spray

$29.00 AUD

SKIN SLICK anti-chafe spray is a must for tech suits, swim skins and wetsuits! The struggle is real! With a simple spray of SKIN SLICK on the legs, hip, & buttocks, your super tight suit will slide on with ease and help prevent tears.

For runners and cyclists, SKIN SLICK All Sport Spray will prevent all blistering, skin and chamois chafing.  SKIN SLICK also prevents soccer chafing, football chafing and more.

With a single spray, directly on prone to problem areas, SKIN SLICK acts as a second skin. Even if you are not an athlete, but suffer from shoe blistering, inner thigh, under arm, and bra strap chafing, spraying SKIN SLICK will alleviate uncomfortable rubbing.

  • Continuous spray skin lubricant.
  • Anti-chafe, anti-friction for bra area, neck, inner thigh, and underarms.
  • Prevents blistering from all types of shoes.
  • Eases entries into wetsuits, tech suits, swim skins, shoes, ski boots, and more…
  • Waterproof | sweat-proof; only removed with combo of soap & water.
  • Safe with Lycra and Neoprene.
  • Clean spray with silky feel.
  • Fragrance free.
  • 1.5 oz

LOVE THIS ★★ "I bought this product at the L.A. Marathon after the team sold me on the product. I have used other products in the past and nothing lasts as long as Skin Slick. It is so easy to apply with the Sprayer and great to reach those tough spots like in between my toes and on the bottom of my feet. I am extremely grateful to have found this product and to make the switch, especially on Race Day! Thanks Skin Slick!" - Andy. 

PERFECT SIZE  "I’ve been using TRISLIDE for years, but recently tried SKINSLICK. Worked equally as well, but the size makes it so easy to carry with me on a run. Highly recommend!" - Sara.

IDEAL FOR TECH SUITS ★★★★★ "I purchased this for my daughter who is a swimmer. She typically has a really difficult time changing into her tech suit after warm up but this has helped significantly. Just make sure to dry off as well as possible before spraying. I did find this easier to use than the sticks." - JT

EASY TRANSITIONS  ★★★★★ "Easy spray application to just the areas where the suit is coming on and off first, i.e. ankles, calves, and wrists. I also sprayed a little on areas that chaff from the friction between my trisuit and wetsuit, brilliant move! Wetsuit flew off in transition, and didn't see any irritation on my skin from the rubbing." - Lauren